Precisa is a historic company in the field of Made in Italy precision granite instruments.

Giovanni Bertoli, currently the second generation of the founding family, continues to occupy an important role in the field of metrology and production, revision and certification of granite instruments, also offering complementary accessories to the production, such as the renowned “Precise Pasta”, in 1967 approved as a product of excellence by the Science House of the United States of America.

Quality and precision are the philosophy of the company that today addresses the global market for the supply of its products and services. It is a production that does not focus on large numbers and economies of scale but on precision and reliability.
For this reason, only the highest quality granite tools are produced by the Precisa laboratories, made with the best granites in terms of hardness, homogeneity and compactness.
Precisa precision instruments are products designed to satisfy a demanding clientele, in search of the artisan care and professionalism that only the extraordinary experience of Precisa is able to offer, thus increasing the credibility of the end user.